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Contact US

We love hearing from fellow Mulberry residents. The best way to communicate with us for non-emergencies is to send a message using the box on this page. Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate section of our fire department, and we promise we will get back to you soon.

If this is an emergency, DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

For all non-emergency calls, use: (479) 997-1321.

P.O. Box 448 Mulberry, Arkansas 72947

FAX: (479) 997-1232


Where to find us

Fire Station 1

207 North Main Street
Mulberry, AR

Fire Station 2

851 Industrial Park Drive Mulberry, AR 72947

Fire Station 3

14821 Oak Bower Rd Mulberry, AR 72947

Fire Station 4

2117 Old Graphic Rd Mulberry, AR 72947